• Project Year:
  • Location:
    Long Street, Cape Town
  • Client:
    Bachelor Degree
  • Study Year:
    2nd Year Bachelors
  • Skills Needed:
    AutoCad, Photoshop, SketchUp, Laser Cutting
  • Info:
    Designing a contemporary hotel in Long Street, Cape Town. The concept is based on interlocking spaces and exhibiting people’s circulation of movement on the front of the building. This amplifies the notion of mixing public and privates spaces. Thus aiming in draw attention to Cape Town’s diverse Community. Long Street is a metropolitan area of Cape Town and is renowned for its nightlife with clubs and bars. The circulation of the Hotel is on the exterior and is visible through a facade of glazing. This makes the hotel more inviting and the function of the hotel more open to the public. The rooms are stacked as blocks on top of each other. Rooms that require privacy are covered on the exterior with vegetation.
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