Des Baker Competition

  • Project Year:
  • Location:
    CBD, Cape Town
  • Study Year:
    2nd Year Bachelors
  • Skills Needed:
    Sketches, Photography, Photoshop
  • Info:
    Aim of Project: To define chora space within Cape Town and design an intervention to suite one’s definition thereof. Design Process: The vision for Cape Town is to transcend the static of the mundane experience, an evolution towards the urban and the making of a new nature. The unused stagnant spaces within a city, are filled with potential growth for evolution. The ability to communicate spatial dynamics allows for the discovery of chora space. The static boundaries in Cape Town lead to the discovery of the site, the unfinished freeway ends and the undefined spaces between them. Archigram’s ‘Moving City’ was a great inspiration for the development of the intervention as a living creature in an ever changing environment. The programme for the site is a theatre space underneath the broken highways. It is the communication of the intangible that links the programme with the highway. The stagnant space and the dynamic interchange of the performance area culminates in the evolution of the event. The freeway ends are a hybrid space, where a synthetic ecology creates a theatre area. Its occupation is impermanent, a fleeting moment in the evolution of the city.

Chora:  a philosophical term described by Plato meaning a space, or place in space; the milieu in which Forms materialize

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