Major Project

  • Project Year:
  • Location:
    Wynberg, Cape Town
  • Study Year:
    3rd Year Bachelors
  • Skills Needed:
    AutoCad, SketchUp, Sketching, Photoshop, Model Building
  • Info:
    Aim of project: To focus on the development of an interpretive process where the qualities of spaces in a building are emphasized more than the interface (i.e. façade) that holds them together. Architectural Agenda: A façade responds to a specific environment. This project states that the real value of a building does not lie only in the external façade of the structure, but also lies in the making of the internal spaces, because only here the true occupation and use of a building can be realized. The objective of the design is therefore to find a viable programme that emphasizes the creation of permanent spaces. The proposed site and programme becomes an inversion of the hard façade edge commonly found in Wynberg, Main road, Cape Town. The site was chosen for the close approximation to historical buildings. The programme of the project was a fire forensics lab.
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