Hyperbody Peloton

  • Project Year:
  • Skills Needed:
    Arduino, Processing, Laser Cutting, Electronic wiring
  • Info:
    In this project, two arduino boards have been programmed for a bicycle lighting system. The theory and application of the electronic system is based on a swarm behaviour algorithm. The bicycle is equipped with ultrasonic and acceleration sensors. The ultrasound sensors are used to determine if any objects are close to the bicycle. The acceleration sensor determines the speed and motion of the bicycle. With these sensors, the arduino sends signals to LED lights on the bicycle wheels giving information about the bicycles location and speed. When the bicycle rides in a peloton the LED's glow red and when the bicycle is alone the LED's glow green. Similarly, when the bicycle rides fast, more LED's glow, whereas when the bicycle is moving slowly, a single LED is lit.
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