Llandudno House

  • Project Year:
  • Location:
    Llandudno, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Client:
    Private Client
  • Info:
    The concept of the project is to express the different living spaces within the house. Referring to the 3d perspectives of the model, living areas are modelled in orange-red paint. All the brightly coloured painted areas emphasize the main living spaces being; bedrooms on first floor, living room and dining room. Contrasting the painted walls of the house, subdues the rest of building mass, making it seem as if the first floor of the house is floating. The first floor is interrupted by the living space that breaks the symmetry of the facade. The building is rectangular in shape. It is orientated in such a way that it benefits from the low winter sun on the North Façade. The West and East façade are kept short, to avoid over exposure and heat gain from the sun. The whole building has a concept of recessed boxes. Deep reveals help keep the summer sun out of internal spaces. All walls, floors and roof materials are all made using Moladi’s concrete infill with plastic form work. This will reduce building time.
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