• Project Year:
  • Location:
    Mustique, Carribean Islands
  • Client:
    Private Client
  • Info:
    For the exercise, a concept has been developed with a bush lodge style in mind. The main building is a T-Shape, with a path leading down to an infinity pool. The living areas all have large balconies overlooking the sea. Refer to precedent page to see the atmosphere that the will be able to be created with the new proposed house. On route to the pool, there is a platform which can house a tent for temporary functions like cocktail parties or outside dining. Designing a lodge will be ideal for the micro - climate of the Caribbean islands. The high ceiling will help ventilate hot air out of the building. Thatch will most probably be sourced locally. It is material that breathes well (ideal for hot climates), Building on stilts (gum poles in this case) will allow minimum damage to the soil. The building will most importantly blend into the natural surrounding with the mild tones of colour from the wood and thatch. Moladi construction system can be used for the floors and interior walls.
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