• Project Year:
  • Location:
    Kalk Bay, Cape Town
  • Client:
    Thomas Leach Architects, Cape Town
  • Position:
    Senior Technician
  • Skills Needed:
    AutoCad, SketchUp
  • Info:
    This was a concept proposal for the restaurant, Sirocco in Kalk Bay. The final construction differs in some parts of the project. The client wanted a more permanent structure than the current unroofed restaurant. The brief asked for a permeable facade, which can open up in the summer and closed in the winter. The palm tree needed to stay untouched. The structure consists of a 150x150 Eucalyptus post and beams. Between the posts, sliding aluminium doors and windows are inserted. The louvers’ are marine plywood, laser cut into leaf patterns to represent the same dappled shadows which the palm tree provides for the guests. Photos courtesy of Thomas Leach.
  • Principle Architect:
    Thomas Leach
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