• Project Year:
  • Location:
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Study Year:
    MSc 2, Master Degree
  • Position:
    Design Informatics, Group of 6 students
  • Skills Needed:
    Accoustic Shoot Plugin, Grasshopper, Rhino, Pachyderm, Photoshop
  • Info:
    The aim of this project is to find an approach to stadium design through methods of parametric modelling. In today’s fast pace building processes, design decisions cannot just be made on assumptions. With the ever increase use of technology and computer assisted design in our built environment, it is now possible to inform and validate design decisions more than ever before. These design tools help to make the project a lasting one and aid in complex geometry creation and intricate detailing. For my discipline, as design informatics specialist, my job was to make sure all parametric information modelling flowed smoothly between different disciplines. i.e. from Architects Revit Drawings > Grasshopper > Structural Engineers calculations in GSA. My specialization for the project was to create acoustic panelling for the stadium. I used sine and cos mathematical formulas to create a roof panelling system where noise in the stadium will be distributed equally. (By optimization software - Galapagos). This will reduce the delayed reverberation time in the large stadium space. The acoustic panels create an aesthetically pleasing cloud like panelling systems for music concerts.
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